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Product Advertisement Case Study: NutriLife x Grade Pixel

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, the collaboration between a brand and its creative agency is pivotal. This was exemplified in the partnership between NutriLife, a proponent of healthy ageing through natural health supplements, and Grade Pixel, a leading photo studio in Singapore. This case study delves into the journey of bringing NutriLife’s endorsement of Evans Dermalogical products to life through innovative videography.

The Synergy of Vision and Creativity

The project centred on creating a compelling advertisement for NutriLife’s promotion of Evans Dermalogical’s skincare range, including the 15% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid, Diamond Tomato Youth Serum, and Diamond Tomato Collagen Masks. The essence of this collaboration lay in marrying NutriLife’s philosophy of healthy ageing with the natural efficacy of Evans Dermalogical’s products, presented through the visually engaging medium of video.

Stage 1: The Briefing Process

Initial discussions were crucial in shaping the video’s direction. NutriLife’s vision was clear: to highlight the natural and scientific foundations of their recommended Evans Dermalogical products. Grade Pixel’s team, led by DOP Sylvester Lim, Producer Yuzu, and Editor Adi, engaged deeply with NutriLife to understand their objectives and the message they wanted to convey. This phase was instrumental in crafting a storyboard that resonated with NutriLife’s ethos and the target audience’s aspirations for health and wellness.

Step 2: Creative Development and Execution

The creative process was a meticulous journey. The team at Grade Pixel developed a storyboard that seamlessly integrated product demonstrations with the concept of natural vitality and scientific innovation. Key video-producing techniques included:

  • Dynamic Motion and Water Elements: Incorporating movement such as gently pouring water over the products and using water as a reflective surface added a dynamic, fresh element to the visuals, symbolising purity and hydration.
  • Clinical and Natural Settings: To echo NutriLife’s and Evans Dermalogical’s commitment to science and nature, the shoot combined clinical-looking settings with natural elements like plants and oranges, bridging the gap between laboratory efficacy and natural goodness.
  • Panning-Shot Video and 3-Point Lighting: These techniques ensured that each product was showcased in the best possible light, emphasising texture, colour, and action to engage the viewer’s attention while conveying product effectiveness.

Step 3: Client Feedback and Project Impact

NutriLife’s involvement throughout the production process was key to refining the video, ensuring it aligned perfectly with their branding. The final product advertisement was crafted not just to showcase the skincare range but to tell a story of wellness, efficacy, and nature’s power. NutriLife’s feedback praised the collaborative effort, noting the video’s role in enhancing their marketing strategy and its success in visually communicating their philosophy of healthy ageing through natural, effective products.

Beyond Videography – A Testament to Collaboration

The collaboration between NutriLife and Grade Pixel showcased the fusion of NutriLife’s health-focused brand values with Grade Pixel’s visual storytelling techniques. Utilising dynamic visuals and natural motifs, the project underlines the effectiveness of thoughtful videography in highlighting product benefits.

Key techniques like fluid motion and natural settings were employed to echo the brand’s commitment to well-being, reflecting the adaptability of visual content creation to convey complex messages implicitly. This approach emphasises the capacity for detailed and engaging narratives within professional product videography, mirroring the intricacy found in our other services from food photography to fashion photoshoots and more.