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AI Photography – How We Use It And Its Benefits

A Brother Photoshoot Case Study.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been revolutionizing many industries, including photography. AI-generated photography is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the commercial and marketing fields. Here at GradePixel, we have started introducing this medium into our projects. This post will help you better understand how we use AI in our photography and editing process.

1. What is AI-Generated Photography?

AI-generated photography uses algorithms that analyze and manipulate images to produce a new, synthetic image. These algorithms can detect patterns and features in images, allowing them to learn how to create new images based on the information they have gathered.

One of the biggest advantages of AI-generated photography is its efficiency. AI algorithms can process images at a speed that far surpasses that of human editors. This means that businesses can generate high-quality images quickly and easily, saving time and money.

AI-generated photography is also highly customizable. Businesses can choose from a range of styles and techniques, and the AI algorithms can be trained to produce images that are specific to their brand or product. This can help businesses create a more consistent and recognizable visual identity.

AI-Generated photo with the prompt: “feature the small portable printer as the hero product, home environment, living room, cozy home, –ar 3:2 –v 5”

2. Generating sample images

Our client, Brother, is a printer company that engaged us to take photos of their printers but in many different scenarios. Without the hassle of constantly moving locations to capture the photos, we used AI to help generate photos of the different scenarios, like the picture above and below. These photos were generated with specific prompts that our photographer thought through using the specific scenario and idea he has in mind.

The image’s prompt was: “The advertisement will feature a close up side view of an Asian lady sitting at a desk with her laptop and printer side by side. The shot will be cropped from her shoulder, showcasing the side of her face and arms typing away on her computer. The minimalist home setting will have a blurred background, putting the focus on the lady, her devices, and the printer. To capture the shot, a Zeiss 50mm lens will be used at an aperture of f8, allowing the viewer to focus on the subject and the printer while keeping the background out of focus. The lighting will be set up to create a natural, realistic look with no color grading, making the image feel authentic and relatable. The printer will be prominently featured in the shot, ensuring that it is easily recognizable as a key part of the message of the ad. –ar 3:2 –v 5”

After the sample images are generated, they are sent to the client for approval.

AI-Generated Photo. 

3. Recreating the photos

With the approved photos, we recreate them in our studio. Our photographer directs the talent and crew to match the position of the person and printer in the sample photo. The lighting is also matched so that the editing process is easier.

Photo by GradePixel. 

4. The Final Export

After the shoot, the photographer and editor will edit the photos shot in the studio into the AI-generated backgrounds.

Progression of photo taken in studio, AI sample and final photo.