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Evans Photoshoot, a Case Study

A look at our creative photoshoot with the brand, Evans.

Colorplay is a brand distributor in Singapore that promotes local and foreign skincare, such as Avène; NutriLife and others. Evans is a popular skincare brand that offers products designed to help people achieve healthy skin. Recently, the brand decided to create a creative photoshoot to promote their latest range of skincare products.

The photoshoot was meant to capture the essence and benefits of the brand’s products in a visually stunning way. The brand wanted the images to be engaging, and emotive and reflect the quality of their products.

The photoshoot took place in our studio and the Colorplay team worked with our director to capture the images. The team carefully selected a model with flawless skin, and the makeup artist prepared the model’s skin to showcase the products’ benefits.


A New, Clean look for Evans

Our Director and the Colorplay team chose a clean and minimalistic look for the photoshoot. The focus was on the product and the model’s natural beauty, and the team decided to use soft, diffused lighting to create a soft and dreamy effect.

The photoshoot was a success, and the Colorplay team was thrilled with the results. The images captured the brand’s essence and highlighted the quality of their products. The team used the images on their website, social media, and other marketing materials to promote their latest range of skincare products.


The Evans Skincare creative photoshoot was a great success, and the team was able to capture the essence of the brand’s products in a visually stunning way. The images showcased the products’ benefits and helped to promote the latest range of skincare products to the target audience. By working with a professional photographer and carefully selecting a model, the Evans Skincare team was able to create a set of images that perfectly represented their brand.